When I decided to enter the field of law, my plans did not involve opening my own law practice and certainly not in the fields of criminal and family law.  At the time I had a great paying job in the insurance field, working regular hours, and a fast track to management positions.  My belief at the time was that I would transition into a firm primarily practicing insurance defense.  If I had any thoughts of entering the criminal law field, it would be as a prosecutor.

During law school, I completed an externship with a solo practice attorney.  I didn’t know what to expect, especially since my plan included working in a fancy office billing corporations by the hour.  In those months, I got to know the clients – not as a name or a case number, but as people who had real problems and needed solutions.  From that time forward, I knew that my plans were changed forever.

No matter what legal challenge you are facing, I welcome the opportunity to sit down and speak with you.  I understand the fear, fog, and financial difficulties a legal case can impart on you and I want to be your advocate. 

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