Criminal Defense

Photo by Joegend/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Joegend/iStock / Getty Images

Criminal Defense Tailored To You

My practice is built with one goal in mind - helping you.  It's not just a catchy slogan, it guides how I operate every day.  

How Do I Know what you want?

Very simple - I listen.  At the first meeting with all of my clients, I ask hat your goals are.  Naturally, everyone would like their case dismissed or a not guilty verdict, but the reality is that most cases do not resolve that way - so your secondary goals become the focus.  

For some of you, a plea agreement that keeps a conviction off your record is that outcome, for some it's avoiding jail at all costs, and for others it's about having their day in court.  Some clients walk into my office with no idea what to expect, much less what they want; and it's my job to help them understand the choices that may be best for them.  


The majority of complaints filed against attorneys are due to lack of communication.  If you read reviews of various attorneys, you will also see that the majority of negative reviews are based on a lack of communication.  

Throughout your case, I will never leave you wondering about an update or waiting on a phone call that never come.  Facing criminal charges is stressful enough and you deserve an attorney who keeps you informed.

Aggressive defense

Many attorneys advertise about how aggressive they are - without defining it.  My definition of an aggressive defense begins with knowing both you and your case inside and out.  I spend hours, sometimes days, reviewing every detail of a case.  Armed with that knowledge, I am able to fight for the outcome that is right for you.   


If the fear of facing criminal charges isn't enough to deal with, the financial impact of an arrest can take the last of your sanity.  I understand that an arrest is not something you budget for and offer flat-rate pricing, with flexible payment options for my clients. 

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