Were You Arrested in Collin County?

If you are facing a criminal charge in Collin County, you need an attorney who knows the courts inside and out.  Our criminal attorneys regularly attend court settings for misdemeanor and felony cases.

What Happens After an Arrest?

Misdemeanor cases are filed in the Collin County Courts at Law, often within 2-3 months of the arrest.  Felony cases are presented to a grand jury within several months after an arrest. If the grand jury returns a true-bill, the case is usually filed in a District Court within a month.

Court Appearance

All courts require you to appear on your first court date.  The County Courts at Law usually allow your attorney to make most subsequent appearances on your behalf for a misdemeanor case.  Felony cases require you to appear in court at each court setting.

The Collin County Courthouse is located at 2100 Bloomdale Rd. in McKinney, TX.  It is at the intersection of Highway 75 and Bloomdale Road.  There is one courthouse for both criminal and civil cases.  There are three floors of courtrooms, with no organization of what floor your court is located on.  Video monitors in the center of the building will point you to your correct courtroom.

What Happens In Court?

The first court appearance is normally a formality.  Unless you have specific bond conditions, you are not required to speak to anyone besides the bailiff.  That exchange is normally a short one, where you notify the court of your name and attorney.  If you are charged with a felony, most courts require your presence on each court date and the process takes slightly longer.

Most prosecutors provide discovery on the date of the first appearance. Discovery is the information the State will use against you at trial.  This information can be video, audio, police reports, and any other information relevant to your case.

What’s Next?

During the following weeks or months, I review all the evidence the State provided to me.  I provide you with a summary of that information.  My review includes strengths and weaknesses for your case.  You will decide if you

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