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If you were arrested for Domestic Violence, then you need a Frisco Domestic Violence Attorney today. Al Rowland is an experienced attorney who will review all of your options with you.

Potential Penalties For Assault Domestic Violence

Penalties for Domestic Violence can include jail time, probation, and intensive programs. Domestic violence assault crimes will restrict your ability to own or possess firearms. A domestic violence conviction never goes away. Convictions can hurt your chances with employment, housing, and your reputation within the community.

Facing domestic violence cases drains you emotionally and mentally while you work to repair your relationship and fight to restore your name. Nobody wants to admit to internal struggles with themselves or with a loved one. Let me work with you to find a way to get your life – and relationships – back on track.

If you were arrested for Domestic Violence call me today to start putting your life in order at (469) 626-7529.