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If you were arrested for DWI in Frisco, Texas, you need a local attorney who can help you face the criminal courts. Frisco DWI Attorney Al Rowland can fight the court system for you! A DWI conviction can have long-lasting consequences, including license suspensions, jail time, and expensive fines. From your ALR hearing, through Motions to Suppress, to your criminal case, the best DWI attorneys will guide you through your entire DWI case. If you are hoping to avoid a DWI conviction, you should contact The Law Office of Al Rowland immediately to start building your defense.

Arrested for DWI in Frisco, Texas?

A Frisco DWI arrest can start you on a long and winding road of choices. Without proper guidance, you can make choices that will follow you for years to come. DWI Attorney Al Rowland will meet with you to fully understand your case and your situation.

The Law Office of Al Rowland offers free consultations for your DWI arrest. During our first meeting or phone call, we will discuss what is important to you. Once your case is filed, it is reviewed as if you will be going to a DWI jury trial. That means if there is a way to dismiss your DWI case, I will find it.

Every case is first reviewed from the time of the traffic stop, until the police officer receives an alcohol score. Sometimes, the police did not have a reason to stop you for DWI. Other times, the police may have violated your rights when they drew blood from you. A proper DWI case involves many hours of review to determine if the drunk driving charges should stand against you.

Al Rowland is a former police officer who knows what police officers look for in an DWI case. Contact The Law Office of Al Rowland today for a free DWI case review by clicking here or calling (469) 626-7529.

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