Guiding you through marijuana cases in Collin, Denton, Dallas, and Tarrant Counties.

Although marijuana laws across the country are loosening, possession of marijuana is a crime in Frisco, Texas. While it may seem that a Possession of Marijuana case is minor, Texas penalties can be harsh.

Potential Possession of Marijuana Penalties

Convictions for marijuana related offenses can have ramifications beyond just a criminal record and associated fines. Convictions for possession or sale of marijuana can make you ineligible for student financial aid. When we discuss your pending marijuana case, there are several things to consider.

First, we review the details of your case are in search of reasons that support a dismissal of the case. An example is if the police contact that resulted in the arrest was lawful. If it was not, then the case could be dismissed.

Next, I like to know if drug use is something that is affecting your daily life. Although my job is to protect your rights, I believe that providing a long-term solution for you should be the ultimate goal. We can discuss if some type of treatment option is right for you and locate providers in your area.

Finally, we need to work together to determine what outcome works best for you. If dismissal is not an option, we can turn to other avenues such as pretrial diversion or a deferred disposition. Remember that even though marijuana is legal in several state, if you are on Texas probation the laws of Texas still apply to you.

Penalties for possession or delivery of marijuana are based on several factors.  Those include the amount of marijuana and past criminal history. As part of your case review, we may request additional testing to ensure that the weight alleged by the State is accurate.

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