Theft Crimes

Texas theft offenses can range from a Class C Misdemeanor, all the way to a felony. Thefts are classified based on the value of the stolen property. Additional circumstances, such as previous convictions and the type of victim, can enhance the classification of the offense.

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Fine: Class C: $500; Class B: $2,000; Class A: $4,000
Jail: Class C: NONE: Class B: 180 Days; Class A: 1 Year

Other Consequences: Theft is considered a crime of moral turpitude.


If you are arrested for Theft, you can often avoid spending additional time in jail. Options for misdemeanor offenses can include: Pretrial diversion, Probation (Deferred and Straight), and time-served.

Pretrial Diversion

Most counties offer some type of pretrial diversion program. A pretrial diversion program shares similarities with probation, but offers additional benefits. The biggest benefit of these programs is the ability to immediately expunge, or clear, your arrest records once you complete the requirements.


Probation is usually classified as straight probation or deferred probation. Finally, there are some circumstances where the time you already spent in jail is enough to resolve your case.

Deferred Probation

Deferred probation normally requires the same terms and conditions as straight probation. The biggest difference between deferred probation vs. straight probation is the ability to avoid a conviction on your criminal record. Because the court is deferring adjudication, you may be eligible to file an order of non-disclosure, which can seal your arrest record from certain parties.


Pay all fines or court costs
Report to an assigned probation officer
Pass random drug tests
Complete community service
Attend classes/counseling related to Theft
Do not commit additional crimes


In certain THEFT cases, you may seal your criminal record. The facts of your arrest, your criminal history, and the outcome of your case determine your eligibility for either an expungment or order of non-disclosure.

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