Theft charges in Texas can occur in several ways.  A few of the common types of theft are listed below.

Theft - Appropriation Without Owner’s Consent

A theft occurs when a person appropriates property with the intent to deprive the owner of the property without the owner’s consent.  In plain English, if you intentionally take the property of another without their permission, you have committed a theft.

Theft - Appropriates Stolen Property

If a person appropriates property, knowing it was stolen by another, they can be charged with Theft by Appropriating Stolen Property.

Theft of Service

Theft of service can occur when a person uses deception, threat, or false token, to secure performance of the service without intending to pay for the service.

Punishment for Theft in Texas

The value of the stolen property determines the level of the offense.  The punishment ranges are generally referred to as a “theft ladder” as follows:


Less than $100 Class C Misdemeanor
$100-$749.99 Class B Misdemeanor
$750.00 - $2,499.00 Class A Misdemeanor
$2,500 - $29,999.99 State-jail Felony
$30,000 - $149,999 3rd Degree Felony
$150,000 - $299,999.99 2nd Degree Felony
$300,000 or more 1st Degree Felony


Prior theft convictions can enhance the punishment ranges.

Theft cases often have options to allow you to avoid a theft conviction on your record.

In addition to criminal penalties, a theft is considered a crime of moral turpitude, which may affect job applications, your right to serve as a juror, and your character as a witness in legal proceedings.

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