There are numerous traffic ticket attorneys in the DFW area, each with a different approach to municipal and JP Courts.  I personally serve a limited number of those courts, depending on location and potential outcomes.

Can you get my fine lowered?

Like any legal question, the short answer is: it depends.

JP and Municipal Courts have policies that differ, even JP Courts in the same county.  Two people, who receive identical speeding tickets in different cities, could pay different amounts depending on the individual court policies.

What can you do for me regarding my traffic ticket?

I get this question a lot.  There are many people I speak with, where hiring an attorney to handle their traffic ticket does NOT make financial sense - and I will tell you if I believe that would be the case for you.

Some clients have a multitude of issues related to their licenses, where I may not be able to save money on fines or fees, but I can provide insight on how to get, and keep, a valid drivers license.  If you have ever dealt with the Texas Surcharge program, you know the obstacles in trying to get a valid license.

Finally, there are other clients who simply do not have the time to deal with the court and want someone to act as a concierge - I am happy to help you as well.

How do I get my warrants removed?

If you miss your court date, most cities will allow a limited time for you to appear before issuing a warrant.  However, if you exceed that date, they will issue a warrant for your arrest.   An attorney can post a bond with the municipality and get a new court date set.

Some cities add an additional charge of Failure to Appear, with a corresponding fine.  Other cities simply require the warrant to be lifted before setting the new date.

In order to post an attorney bond, at least one city, Plano, requires your original signature on the bond forms.  Other jurisdictions permit an electronic signature, allowing same day resolution in some cases.