Throughout my professional career, I always wanted to help people to the extent that I could.  As a police officer, I always treated people with the same respect that I would hope for if the roles were reversed.  In the unfortunate event that I had to arrest someone, I always took extra steps to minimize the effect that the arrest would have on their lives and made sure to allow them to maintain as much dignity as possible.  One of the most rewarding things I heard as a police officer came from people who I had arrested.  As I would leave the jail, often times they would simply tell me "Thank you." - not because I arrested them, but because I treated them the way they deserved to be treated.  

As an attorney, I have continued to treat people with that same level of respect.  Not every person I meet with hires me; I don't always get to hear the words "Not Guilty" after a trial. But my ultimate goal remains the same - to hear a sincere "Thank you." 

If you are seeking to hire an attorney, the odds are that you are facing some challenge in your life.  To get through that challenge, you need an attorney who will listen to you, without passing judgment, and give you a road map to overcome that challenge.  Every client requires a different approach to their cases, even if the circumstances are similar.  I welcome the opportunity to speak with you and earn your trust.