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Being accused of a crime can easily feel like a heavy burden. Once that label has been applied to you or a loved one, it can seem like being proven innocent will not restore your credibility and trust in your community. When you work with the defense attorney at The Law Office of Al Rowland, PLLC, you do not have to worry about feeling judged after a theft crime accusation. Our job is to discover where the law has failed your case and cause enough reasonable doubt in the claims. Give your version of the facts a chance by speaking with our Allen defense lawyer today.

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Reliable Defense from a Former Patrol Officer

Theft crimes sentences according to the value of the property allegedly taken. In general, if the amount of the property is higher, the more severe the sentencing can be. With our Allen theft defense attorney on your side, you can begin to fight back against these charges and begin to bring your life to normalcy.

In order to be convicted of theft:

  • It must be proven that you took someone else’s property without permission; and
  • The purpose of taking the property was to deny the owner their legal possession.

Depending on your case, we may focus on whether you even took something at all or if you did not intend to deny the rightful possession of the object. As a former patrol officer, our attorney knows where to look to identify the holes in the prosecution’s case against you and can effectively build a solid defense to these charges.

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Our mission is getting criminally-accused clients through their legal matters as promptly as possible. When you hire Attorney Al Rowland for your case, you have unlimited accessibility to him from the beginning of your case to the end. Whether you're concerned about something or you have important questions pertaining to your case, Attorney Rowland makes getting in touch with him as easy as calling or texting his cell phone. His prior experience as a former police officer also equips him with insider's knowledge of how the other side thinks and operates while in the thick of a criminal lawsuit.
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