If the Princeton Police Department arrested your for DWI, you need a Princeton DWI Attorney today.  Al Rowland is an experienced DWI Attorney who can review all of your options with you.  Your DWI case includes an administrative case and a criminal case.  The Administrative License Hearing can effect your Texas driver license.  A DWI conviction will be permanently on your record and can cost you a lot of money in fines, fees, and surcharges.  You deserve to know what a DWI conviction can mean to you.


If you are charged with a DWI in Princeton, you should call a DWI Attorney ASAP.  Whether you were charged with DWI from a wreck or stopped for speeding, your case needs a complete review.  People who are found guilty of DWI can face more than a year of probation, license suspension, and even jail time.

I begin every case by looking at the reason the police stopped your car.  The Princeton Police are required to have reasonable suspicion to stop your car.  If the police arrest you for DWI, they must have probable cause.

A DWI attorney should watch all police videos of your case.  By watching the videos, an attorney can see if the police stopped you for no reason.  If the police made you do field sobriety tests, you need an attorney who is certified in giving those same field sobriety tests.

If you took a breath test, you deserve to know if the breath machine worked right.  If you took a blood test, you need to make sure the government employee did not mix up your blood with someone else.

No matter if you want to take your Princeton DWI to a jury trial or if you want to reach a plea bargain, contact Al Rowland by clicking here or at (469) 626-7529.


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